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On the Spot Direct Mentoring

Sometimes mentoring doesn’t have to be long, drawn out, never getting to the point conversations. The late blessed St Mother Teresa provides an inspired example of giving direct communication to the late Dutch priest, Father Henri Nouwen. Known for his compulsivity, Fr Henri asked Mother Teresa how he could deal with ongoing issues in his life. Nouwen explains her direct response.

Once, quite a few years ago, I had the opportunity of meeting Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I was struggling with many things at the time and decided to use the occasion to ask Mother Teresa’s advice. As soon as we sat down I started explaining all my problems and difficulties – trying to convince her of how complicated it all was! When, after ten minutes of elaborate explanation, I finally became silent, Mother Teresa looked at me quietly and said,: “Well, when you spend one hour a day adoring your Lord and never do anything which you know is wrong . . . you will be fine!” . . . Reflecting on this brief but decisive encounter, I realize that I had raised a question from below and that she had given an answer from above. At first, her answer didn’t seem to fit my question, but then I began to see that her answer came from God’s place and not from the place of my complaints. Most of the time we respond to questions from below with answers from below. The result is more questions and more answers and, often, more confusion. Mother Teresa’s answer was like a flash of lightning in my darkness. I suddenly knew the truth about myself. HERE AND NOW book

Who Is Responsible For My Health—I AM

While reading a book on Refirement by Eric Thurman,😂 and while so much is being made on the airwaves about our health, this paragraph from AARP an organization providing helpful accurate health information for those over 50 but also all ages especially if you are young but acting like you are old and unfit.

AARP is a prolific source of information about aging. This organization, representing a membership of nearly thirty-eight million people, advocates for adults age fifty and over. Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO of AARP, put her finger on the primary factor that determines your health—you: The saying used to be that the secret to a long, healthy life was to choose your parents well. But today we know that only about 20 percent of a person’s health is due to genetics, and about 20 percent is due to the medical care we receive. The other 60 percent is due to social, behavioral, and environmental factors, many of which we can and do influence by the choices we make throughout our lives—what we eat, how much and what kinds of exercise we do, where we live, the quality of our relationships, whether we smoke, and our ability to handle stress. 12 Your private thoughts, desires, and actions are the driving force that determine how good and how long your life will be from this point forward. By AARP’s estimate, 60 percent of your thriving throughout the remainder of your life depends on you. With that in mind, you can see why famed Italian actress Sophia Loren argued there actually is a fountain of youth. It is inside you: “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.”

Home—A Place Where Life Makes Up It’s Mind

A few days after Mother’s Day and within a month, Dad’s day, here is one of the hardest and yet most important lessons to practice as a mom and dad. At least for this old boy.

So well articulated by the late Fr Henri Nouwen.

This is a lesson Rosetta and I want to learn well.

Let our kids GO!!!

We gave them roots. Now they have to fly and make their own roots.🙏❤️

The Great Gift of Parenthood

Children are their parents’ guests. They come into the space that has been created for them, stay for a while – fifteen, twenty, or twenty-five years – and leave again to create their own space. Although parents speak about “our son” and “our daughter,” their children are not their property. In many ways children are strangers. Parents have to come to know them, discover their strengths and their weaknesses, and guide them to maturity, allowing them to make their own decisions.
The greatest gift parents can give their children is their love for each other. Through that love they create an anxiety-free place for their children to grow, encouraging them to develop confidence in themselves and find the freedom to choose their own ways in life.

Prayer For Good Speech

Do you find your tongue—speech gets you in trouble?
Mine does. Still.
This prayer for good speech in my Give us this day devotional was timely as lately my ‘tongue’ has gotten the better of me.

Prayer for Good Speech

Gracious God, with only words

you created the universe and called it “good.”

Help me, then, to use my words well,

to create only life and give blessings this day.

You numbered the stars and called each one by name.

Let me cherish each person I meet

and speak their name with reverence.

You promised that your word is very near to us,

already in our mouths and in our hearts.

Give me your Spirit, and teach me what to say.

Stand guard over my mouth and temper my heart

when emotions race and words so easily cut.

Help me know when to speak up,

to be a cry for the poor and a voice in the desert,

and teach me the wisdom to know when to be silent.

Give me the grace to speak the simple words:

“Please” and “Thank you.” “Yes.” “I love you.”

And strengthen me to say the words that need to be said:

“I was wrong.” “I’m sorry.” “Forgive me.” “I forgive you.”

Let my “yes” be “yes,” my “no” mean “no,”

and my promises be kept.

Above all, may I remember that

even if I speak with the tongues of angels,

yet do not have love, I am simply making noise.

So let my tongue be silenced if ever I forget you.

Lord, today, make me your word and open my lips, c*

and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.

—Diana Macalintal, adapted from The Work of Your Hands

*Make the Sign of the Cross on your lips.