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Never Run(or Walk) Alone

I am not sure why but I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to get some fresh fuel in order to persevere in some personal challenges I am facing.

I was reminded by watching Dick and Ricky Hoyt that to try to make it through this life on your own is insane. So important to cultivate a solid ‘network'(hate that word) of friends who really do care about what happens to you and what is happening to you and aren’t quick to fix you but are quick to listen and sit and allow you to just ‘be’ as you walk through your challenges.

I trust you will find some hope to take another few steps in whatever you are facing from this wonderful piece simply called Don’t Run Alone.


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Making Sense of Good Friday

This is a powerful day in history of humanity.
Sometimes it’s easy to just let the day slip by. As a kid growing up in an Italian home ‘venerdi santo’ (good Friday) meant being quiet, not turning on TV, and eating fish, and going to 3 pm Mass, the hour Jesus died. To be honest, I rarely understood, but over 50 years later, those memories linger and mean a lot more to me now that I have encountered my Lord Jesus many times.

Years ago I read a wonderful story in a book I cannot now recall the author. It’s about a little boy who sacrifices himself to save his little sister.

Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a hospital, I got to know a lovely little girl named Liz who was suffering from a rare life threatening disease. Her only chance of recovery appeared to be a blood transfusion from her 5-year-old brother, who had somehow survived the same disease and had developed the antibodies needed to combat the illness.

The doctor explained the situation to her little brother, and asked the little boy if he would be willing to give his blood to his sister. I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a deep breath and saying, “Yes, I’ll do it if it will save her.”

As the transfusion progressed, he lay in bed next to his sister and smiled, as we all did, seeing the color returning to her cheeks. Then his face grew pale and his smile faded. He looked up at the doctor and asked with a trembling voice, “Will I start to die right away?”.

Being young, the little boy had misunderstood the doctor; he thought he was going to have to give his sister all of his blood in order to save her.

Would you and I be that quick to give something precious and valuable of our own to add value to someone else?




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