Mediocrity in 10 Easy Steps

While reading  Tommy Newberry’s book ‘The War on Success’, hidden within the pages was a list of 10 easy steps to a life of mediocrity.  Each of these ‘steps’ are deadly to the soul and mind.  And mostly, stop initiative in our lives. I find myself reviewing these 10 steps towards a life of mediocrity frequently.  Being ‘older’ I am conscious of the tendency to just want to ‘coast’ and not give my best effort at living a better version of myself.

These 10 ‘negatives’ are actually positive incentives to get off my ‘a…..’ and move forward.

1. Tolerate average standards for yourself.

2. Hang out with moaners and complainers.

3. Make a habit of doing the minimum.

4. Look for the worst in people and situations.

5. Blame others for your mistakes and disappointments.

6. Harbor resentment and discontent.

7. Mock the successful around you.

8. Practice group think about issues both small and large.

9. Waste as much time as possible.

10. Predict the worst about your future.


About coachdelmonte

I am an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) with the International Coaching Federation and graduate of Coach U International, focusing on personal, ministry and professional coaching with a focus on getting solid, timely and focused results. If you are interested in a complimentary session to see if partnering with me would assist you in becoming your best version of yourself, contact me at

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