Chiarella Family Generations

Chiarella Family Generations

So we got to celebrate one of those amazing milestone weekends where we celebrated Domenico and Savina Chiarella’s 60th Wedding Anniversary.  “Mico and Savina’ are the parents of my bride of 37 years Rosetta, and the grand parents “Nonni” of my three sons–Vincenzo, Adrian and Michael, and great grandparents of Jacob James Del Monte, son to Adrian and Amy Del Monte.

We have kept the family circle ‘lovingly tight’ and all of our young adults are flourishing in their lives, and so much of this ‘blessing’ is the result of good choices on the part of parents and grand parents to set loving examples (not perfect ones) of what it means to live in a loving and committed manner over a lifetime.

Our children get to observe a lifetime of commitment and it only provides fuel for their lives and relationships going forward.

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