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Dreaming On, thanks to Nik Wallenda

Like millions of other people I was glued to my TV set on Friday night from about 9:30pm to 11.  It was exactly at 10:15pm that Nik Wallenda stepped out on to a high wire strung high above the raging Niagara waters, a historic achievement for the American aerialist.

It was so tense for me that I kept turning the TV on and off, thinking “He’s not going to make it. He’s not going to making it,’ but then turning the TV on hoping he was still walking and hadn’t fallen to his death, or at least fallen and gotten back up with his tether that was strapped to him in case of a fall.

But fall he never did and he confidently walked his way across that misty wire over the lip of the Falls.

One of my sons posted the following photo with this statement,

‘Harness or not, this is still a pretty epic feat! Worth thinking about what’s my Niagara Falls I need to conquer?’  

That’s a great question.  Although Wallenda did this for his own reasons and it was a ‘daredevil stunt’, he still did it, and it represented something deep inside of him that he had concluded many years before that he wanted to accomplish among other things—to cross the Niagara River over the most dangerous part of the Falls. What can one say? But admire and be in awe. Since Friday night I have been thinking about my ‘own Niagara’ that I have continued to shrink back from.

Thank you Nik Wallenda for inspiring a younger generation to keep on dreaming, and for an older generation to start dreaming again.  And for me to keep chasing after my dreams even at age 59.