Mamma Yolanda

Mom’s Day is always emotional for me. My Mamma has been gone since May 2001. No day passes where I don’t think of her. I loved many things about her but mostly my mom would always ‘take my side’ even if I was wrong. For whatever reason, that memory lingers.

She also always reminded me to treat my wife Rosetta ‘come’ una rosa prezosia’. Treat your wife ‘like a precious rose, which I hope I have done and continue to do.

Mamma, I will never forget you. Your smile, red ‘always’ done up hair, having a coffee with you, eating the pasta you made with ‘polpetta'(meatballs), your love for my wife and sons, your reminders to our ‘kids’ to always ‘love mummy and daddy’. All these and a thousand memories fill my heart and mind today.

You would love ‘le ragazze’ ( the girls) your grandsons brought home.

I pray you are more alive today than ever and dancing with the angels.


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  1. Amy Del Monte

    I like it a lot.

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