My 59th birthday

Yesterday on my 59th birthday duty called and I had to be in Vancouver B.C doing some work for the organization I work with. I started the day with a very early morning run by the bay. I just thought how after all these years what a blessed man I am.

I struggle with the BMW ‘sindrome’ of ‘bitching, moaning and whining’ but as my beloved wife rosetta of 36 years says ‘Luch you have a great life and so little to complain about. You have a wife who adores you, sons who want to be like you, daughters in law who cherish you, and extended family and friends who feel wonderful to have you as their uncle , brother in law, son in law, and close buddy. You are blessed! ‘

In the spirit of that ‘being blessed’ I spent a better part of the day reflecting on William Arthur Ward’s poem about The Blessed Man’. This is the kind of man I want to be ‘when I grow up’.

Blessed is the man for whom a good woman lives, to whom his work is a pleasure, by whom his friends are encouraged, with whom others are comfortable, in whom a clear conscience abides, and through whom his children see God.

Blessed is the man who strength is enhanced by his tenderness, who wisdom is empowered by his faith, and whose courage is made complete by his compassion.

Blessed is the man who looks at life with joyful optimism, who listens to his children with eager attentiveness, who enriches his community with creative enthusiasm, who loves his country with grateful loyalty, and who worship his God with unswerving fidelity.

Blessed is the man who brings honor to the word “father,” who is a credit to the word “brotherhood,” who is a quiet example of the child’s perfect image of the word “manhood.”

Blessed is the man who confidently builds bridges of understanding, who generously lightens the loads of his fellow man, and who cheerfully brightens each day with words of hope, inspiration and assurance.

Blessed is the man of whom his children often say, “We’re glad he’s our father”; of whom his wife often say, “I’m glad he’s my husband”; of whom his parents say, “We’re glad he’s our son.”

–William Arthur Ward

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