All for the Run

I have been around athletics all my life and watched all 3 of my sons excel in their respective sports. In the early years when our sons were ‘kids’ we had them run a lot, so naturally they took up ‘the sport of endurance running’ which branched them off into long distance running, competitive running, and triathloning—all great ways to maintain one’s shape.

Recently my son Michael took on a project as director of this cool video called All For the Run, and teamed up with Canadian Olympic bound athlete–Reid Coolsaet and musician Shawn Brady–to help get this video out to a wider viewing audience and give folks of the running world and beyond a taste of the passion Reid and people like him have for this grueling sport, and also provide a way to get some resourcing to the athlete and the project.

Check this cool piece and consider participating to make someone’s dream even more achievable.

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