Momentum for Life—Visioning a fresh future

Over the last few posts we have looked at the D.R.I.V.E acronym.  I need to practice five habits every day if I am to keep gaining momentum day by day.

First, I need daily devotion where I center myself on God.  I often do this by reading Day by Day with Augustine


Then I need to invest some time in what I called readiness for learning–Every day I need to read something that helps me in life or with my work.  Presently I am reading The Human Stain by Philip Roth, as well as Vincent Donovan’s Christianity Rediscovered.

I stands for investing in others. Just this evening I invested some time in developing young emerging leaders, helping them gain a vision for their own lives, and helping them to see that God desires for them to have a personal ministry.

Which brings me to one of the more challenging but exciting aspects of gaining momentum—having a vision for life.  A vision is a picture of a preferred future that energizes my life today towards noble thoughts and noble actions.

Pastor Bill Hybels has done a fabulous job of explaining the importance of having a vision for life, as well as committing to what he calls your one thing.

Take a look at these two helpful clips.

The first one answers what births a vision?

And this one talks about finding your one thing.

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