Christmas morning in Guelph

Very quiet this morning. It’s just me and my beautiful bride, and my youngest son, at home.  We have just celebrated our ‘real’ Christmas family celebration yesterday morning with my two married sons and their wives–Adrian and Amy (the A Team) and Vince and Flavia , my wife Rosetta,  and youngest Michael.  A night of charades, raucous laughter, punctuated by meaningful conversations, made our Christmas days exceptionally wonderful.

With deceased parents and a deceased brother, I am tempted to dwell on the pain of what I have lost, but I choose to remember the many wonderful memories with my Mamma and Babbo, and brother Bruno, learn from the difficult times of which there were numerous, and I choose to create new memories with my growing family, who I know love me but remind me often that I am ‘challenging’.  -:)  I can’t imagine my life without any of my family.  They love me as I am but love me too much to leave me as I am. I suspect their honesty to their Dad and their unconditional love for me, are my greatest gifts this day, besides my Saviour Jesus.

To make this season’s celebration of the ‘day’ even more meaningful, I have been listening to some artists my son Michael introduced me to, “Sleeping At Last”.  This group offers their Christmas collection as a free download of their music.

I am giving it to you today to enjoy.

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